I notice that a lot of people who supposedly understand these topics and want to act in the way of getting out of the illusion and accepting the truth, are still happy to use the word “owner” and “ownership”, thinking that these titles give them some security and the basis on which they place their demands. A free man should not use the word “owner” when referring to himself. Why? For the simple reason – because the owners are slaves. To whom? The one who gave them that title. The word ownership is something that is fully linked to the legal system because ownership is a right that natural and legal persons receive from the holder of that right, which is supposedly a state.

Law about Ownership and other real rights (Croatian official law)

Article 1.

(1) Any natural and legal person may be the holder of property rights (ownership), as well as other real rights: easement rights, rights from real burden, construction rights and liens on anything that may be the object of those rights, unless otherwise provided by law.

(3) The right of ownership and other real rights may be confiscated or restricted against the owner’s will only under the assumptions and in the manner determined by law.

(6) Whatever is determined by law for the right of ownership and owners, it shall also be valid for all other real rights, unless otherwise specified by law or arising from their legal nature.

Owner’s rights

Article 30

(1) The right of ownership is a real right to a particular thing that empowers its holder to do what he wishes with that benefit and to exclude anyone else from it, unless this is contrary to other people’s rights or legal restrictions.

By now you should have learned that only slaves receive and have rights because a sovereign man cannot have any rights because there is noone to give them. He is the source of law. It is clear in the legal system that ownership is not what most people think it is.

Below are some hints that you can think clearly about what it means to be an owner and that this title can only be obtained by registering real estate or land.

  • Ownership does not mean that something is yours.
  • Ownership means the right to manage, not necessarily to use
  • Every right you invoke must be given from someone
  • If there is ownership, then and only then there can be property
  • Property is everything you own in some way.
  • An essential feature of property is that every property must have an owner.
  • Indians = No ownership; no property; there is no legal system
  • So if there is no owner in the legal sense there is no property.
  • Nature that does not belong to anyone is ordinary nature or perhaps real estate.
  • Something that is real estate becomes property by constituting ownership and listing the owner.
  • Property doesn’t have to be just an estate. Property can be something intangible, a property, a thing, a right. Therefore even title of  ownership in the legal system is considered property
  • Logic says real estate becomes a property upon registration. The moment you register your property in an office that manages the King’s property, you have waived it for proof of ownership.
  • However, this is not a real house or land, but a fictitious number or parcel or cartridge, a two-dimensional paper fiction that you believe is your home.
  • No rights/real estate that is not listed in the King’s books (registry) can be traded in legal transactions, nor will anyone buy them.
  • Mostly rights are subject of legal trading.

There will be much more to say on this site as there is nothing in the legal system except registered property. and it is therefore important to understand that there are some who even claim that the human soul is their property.

Remember for now that nature is alive and that no one has any rights over it. So the land cannot be yours, neither the house, nor the river, nor the forest, nor the arable land. All of these are living beings that man may have modeled, but did not create, and therefore cannot be a master or owner. The only natural and rational imposition is that a free man can use the land for his own and general benefit. Everything else is egotistical bullshit.