Persons have personalities. So far I’ve been talking about a person in a singular, but in the river of life there are many dams that form the apparent person. A person with their own identities and personalities within the mind can be many. Some people are very powerful, while some are weak. Some relate to grand altruistic ideas, and some for the most personal interests[1]. Some are mild, some are shaky. Huge confusion in people’s lives is due to the abundance of persons, personalities, interests, beliefs that are often completely opposed to each other. You can see it in life as well. In some things, you are safe and self-confident, and nothing cannot get you out of the way. At the same time, in another area of ​​life, you are a complete loser, a shamelessly weak child who wants to bypass such areas at all costs.
All of you, I believe, have heard for a bipolar disorder or a scientifically speaking dissociative personality disorder. It is such a psychological disorder when two or even more completely separate egos are in the mind that are so separated that they do not know for each other at all. One body, one soul, but two persons, the so-called alter-egos. These people have completely different personalities, other names, and even their body functions differently. It’s as if you have two operating systems on the computer that have nothing to do with each other except they take the same hard drive. Basically, in one case, they work as two computers. This disorder is rather rare, but I have shown it to see how persons and personality work. There are also a large number of people in “normal” minds, but they are all more-less aware of the existence of the other. Normal minds have only one ego.
A set of personalities and persons in a psychological sense is called the ego. The ego is the master of all persons and personalities who say “I” for themselves. So the ego says “I’m a Croat, I love everything I love young, I hate ballet and worship lambs.”
The tendency of ego is that he is always facing to the image of himself, more precisely his own interests, so the one who is being selfish we call the egoist. Another name for it is narcissistic. Although some may not agree, arguing that narcissism is something else, the story of narcissism is clear to me. He saw his reflection on the surface of the water and fell in love with that reflection. The refraction, of course, does not exist in itself, but only as a reflection of that over the surface of water. So a reflection is only the illusion, the idea, the image that the narcissist has on himself. He fell in love with a picture or thought about himself. It is identical to egoism, for the ego is also illusory, a picture of itself. About the ego later.
The consciousness of a person, conditions, boundary, is the consciousness of structure, hierarchy, mathematics. Where do we get the limits and structures and how is it possible that awareness, what is everything that is, is limited? We will have a fairly sensible answer to these questions by the end of this book.
Everything that is born must die according to the cosmic law. As the body is born, it will certainly die once and the same thing is with the mind as well with the person. In fact, the mind dies every day in the evening and is born again in the morning, because life force lends its energy to it. When he dies the world also dies? When the mind wakes up, the world is coming. I do not know how to formulate it best, but there is some awareness of its transience and safe death. This awareness generates the fear of death that occurs when every man is largely identified with the mind. It is possible that this is not an instinct, but rather is a program. Maybe instinct programs. Fear is a fear of body and mind death, because only if we think we are that, then there is fear. Person is the only one who can die, consciousness cannot. Many persons in our consciousness dies every day, and many of them are born. Psyche is perpetually changeable and never the same. Changes are every day event. When we become aware of our true nature, the fear of death disappears. When two energies of different signs in which there is energy strike one another it becomes emotions, and more about that in the next section.


[1] Note that in Language it is always spoken about „personal interests“ because person is the only one who has interests