On line meeting of Living People 27.5. – 31.5.

Dear people, I would like to inform you that we are ready to organize an online convention for you. We will not pretend that this is a standard convention because it is not. The experience is to meet, talk, hug, this way online it’s different, but at least the virus can’t do anything to us, until they invent someone who can spread virtually. We don’t have the possibility of such a physical meeting at the moment, we agreed to this online concession .
In meetings that will last five days and there will probably be 2 meetings a day in the afternoon and evening. In addition to talking about the community of living people and completing the legal story of the Community through delegalization, I will speak in other important steps for further awareness of the community. These meetings are multi-national because we will have more lecturers from several countries (Germany, the Netherlands, Austria) of which it is important to point out is the visit in these circles of the famous and popular researcher Harald Kautz who agreed to be present at the meetings. We are in negotiations with two other lecturers from Slovenia and Serbia who will most likely be guest lecturers, but at the moment we cannot confirm that. It is time for such topics, because the desire of the controller is to quickly get used to the “new normality”, and we see in that a chance to go a step beyond any system imposed by the system!
Lecturers, topics and timetables will be published later. Meetings will be held from 27.5 (Wednesday) to 31.5 (Sunday) in the afternoon and evening.
• The price for participation in all zoom meetings is 40 kn (5 €), there is no discount given the symbolic price, in fact who wants to give more is welcome.
• We receive payments through the IBAN account: HR9723600003248567133, can also be sent to Revolut at no. phone 00385954552071 paypal: mihaelkasalo112@gmail.com
• We also accept cash payments from those who do not have an account or do not work through it
o in Split and surroundings Dražen 0954552071
o in Zagreb and the surroundings of Jaka 0977074838
o in Zadar and its surroundings Vedran 0915848804
o in Belgrade and around Krla 0659579111
o If you are not in any of these cities, and you pay only in cash, contact Dražen on the first phone number for an appointment.
• Information required during registration is name, email, phone. Additional information by email: kontrolauma2016@gmail.com
• The zoom platform works via computers but also via smartphones, so you can participate wherever you are. Who does not understand the download and installation. Get a little informed, take a look at YouTube or at www.zoom.us
All lectures will be available later on YouTube and will probably be subtitled if we find a sufficient number of helpers in the translation process.

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