Community of sovereign people on earth “living man”

Freedom is the natural state of consciousness, and natural consciousness is one that has liberated itself from the delusional phenomena, and the thought of life has been replaced by life itself. Freedom is therefore impossible to accomplish as long as consciousness is limited in the state of identification, the personification of life in which identity is a substitute for existence, and the state is a guarantor of security, survival, sovereignty. A person is therefore a being who can never be free, so be free, and to consider himself a person, is an impossible mission. The liberation lies in the understanding that you are not what you think you are, but you are. No ideology, religion, or social norm can relieve a person but only capture him, so finding a way to freedom is also an impossible mission. So talking about civil liberties or a sovereign citizen is just like talking about long-lasting baldness or blond brunette. It just does not go with each other. The man’s desire for freedom is limited and captivated by desire. The desire for liberation must exist only if there is thought about capturing. He who does not know anything about freedom will seek neither freedom nor freedom. This concept of liberation under the laws of duality is conditioned, so it releases you and what captives you. Release can not happen if you have not previously been trapped and vice versa. The struggle for freedom and action for the sake of the same delusional phenomena that captivate us. A man must not do anything for the purpose of liberation, but to irrevocably declare the same unconditionally and ultimately. The word Čovjek etymological from  “Chelovek” itself is anything but simple. “Chelo” originally meant “supreme”, and that is why in the old days the word indicated a “forehead”. And the word “vek” stands for “power”, and it originally meant “filled with power”, “eternal”. Chelovek (Man) stands for the one who is filled with (full of) the supreme (spiritual) power. And the Real Man (Chelovek) or the Primordial Man is the filled one in whom this supreme, eternal power – the Spiritual nature – dominates.

Why would conscientious Man need laws?

“… You have correctly remarked that the laws are written by people,” Sensei said somehow seriously in reply to one of Eugene’s jokes. “I will tell you perhaps in this regards one ancient Chinese legend about adventures of the Conscience and you will understand that people are the same both at those times and now.


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