Delegalisation of property & enrolment of belongings.

The spiritual property of Man is only his Soul and it is something that is truly his, that is, inseparable from him, he is that. The material aspect of property that is today mostly talked about, dished out and lived for it is the one that a Man “acquired” through his work, or commercially, the one he paid with money, legally, the one he inherited. Here, we are mostly talking about buildings (houses, flats, business premises) or land of different types, alleged uses and sizes. Although it is not intended to claim that man is the master of all objects and land, and especially not the owner of the same, with this subject in the spirit of the fundamental truths of the Community of Living People should be careful.
Yet today is a time of change and the best moment to put the new paradigm into practice. The situation is changing for the benefit of Man even though many have not seen it, and therefore the wind in the back and the support of the forces of light and truth are on side of Man at this moment more than before, so this is, again, the best time to apply the knowledge that we have gained in recent years.
Namely, we are advocates that tangible goods belong only to the man who uses them, inherit, who possess them, and in this sense any accumulation of real estate in the hereditary sense is not desirable at the moment. A Living Man is a Man of a spiritual nature whose material possessions are not the dominant priority, but we will not say that they are in the last place. Many “living people” have not set foot in some of “their” lands for years, but they claim to be theirs. Some people do not even know where they are, but they do not mind that they continue to claim that these lands belong to them.
The general attitude of the Community is that a Man belongs to what he needs and what he uses and that is inalienable, whether it is a house, an apartment, a land, a business premises, or all of that.
When I said that these tangible goods belong to a Man inalienably, then I meant that they could never be taken away under any conditions. Unless one ceases to use them, it is the right of another Man to use them for their own good in the manner of a good master.
No purchase of land or houses etc. Houses abandoned for more than 5 years should be lawfully allocated to someone who needs and uses them. Land that has not been used also for longer than, let’s say, 10 years can be taken as a landlord by anyone. And it is a natural right, by divine design, that has also created the Earth and Man for the heir to the same as everything that is on it.
In a commercial-financial trading system, the fundamental question is how to create more “wealth” (pump up GDP) so that bankers or other usurers (bloodsuckers) can issue promissory notes or other types of “securities” (read create money) at the expense of those assets. Therefore, people hungry for money and trade banalities and costume jewelry rushed to register “their property” which would be a pledge to newly created debt (read credit, money creation) and legalized their property. They first legalized themselves as participants in trading processes (registration, birth certificate) and then legalized their assets in order to have a stake on the gambling and trading desk of commercial relations.
The property, when it was legalized, became a legal matter, subject to commercial and legal transactions, and thus alienable, and was recorded in the King’s registers as the property of a legal or natural person who is a party to legal transactions.

It’s simple isn’t it …

Thus, property that is legalized becomes alienable because it is in legal traffic. This is also confirmed by the English legal term “lien-able” which, when disassembled, means the possibility of a pledge, while un-lien-able is impossible to pledge translated into us as inalienable. Therefore, every thing in legal traffic is alienating (lien-able), as opposed of a thing that is not in legal traffic, thing that doesn’t have legal personality.

In support of this, I appoint to article of the Enforcement/Foreclosure Act of the Republic of Croatia:

Assets and subject of enforcement and security; Article 4; (4) The subject of enforcement may not be things outside the legal traffic, as well as other things for which this is stipulated by a special law.

Therefore,  with the Proclamation (declaration, announcement, publication, promulgation) of Freedom and Sovereignty of a Living Man and its delivery opened the possibility for the Living Man to exit the trade-legal system because he has an inalienable right to exercise his free will, and choice inherit by its nature.

“Revocation of Ownership Contracts;

Ownership is to Nature an unknown term and does not exist as such. Nature belongs to everyone, but not to anyone in particular, and no one can claim to have any property over anything that is alive, that is Earth and All on Earth. Ownership, as a title of the right over a piece of land with compulsory compensation, was introduced by the “God’s Agent on Earth” (read: institution of Pope’s) by ordinary statements and announcements, which are opposed by this document. By this document, we declare all the land registers void, especially in the part where self-proclaimed agents, representatives of the fictitious entity of REPUBLIC OF CROATIA-RH and all the other fictitious entities resulting therefrom, recorded in land registers (read: registers) as the right of ownership to all land, we call the Republic of Croatia, which derives from the allegedly granted right to the whole earth of self-proclaimed God’s representative, Lord of Land. Living people do not admit such abduction, theft, and stealing of the Earth given to Man to the managing and use from the Creator, through the Gift of Life and Being on Earth. Therefore, all ownership sheets, possessory sheets and other certificates that prohibit or restrict the use of land, by publishing this document become null and void. The land belongs to the one who is on it and is used in a useful and correct way. The use or estate on land is in accordance with the Natural Law, unlike the property, because over the Life there is no authority, there is no one who can have it.

Ownership as an author work, act or fiction is possible only in a world that is not alive, in the world of fiction, in the world of absence, the world of the dead, but the Creator of All Visible and Living is not and will never give to anyone property over Creation. All statements or announcements of anyone about having property over Earth, Nature, Man and Life, and that they were entrusted with it, are the most common fabrications, blasphemy, and are absolutely unacceptable, false,null and void.

Any contract, request and/or record, regardless of whether it is signed or not, which registration permits the authority of fictitious entities over any Form of life (Earth, Air, Water, Flora, Fauna, Man) or over the results and yields of labor and creativity of Man, by this proclamation is rejected. It is the duty, on an individual request of the Living Man, to delete any record of ownership, from the registry in which it is kept, as well as all the data relating to the property that is managed and used by the Living Man.

We emphasize particularly, that all contracts or insinuations about the existence of the same are terminated, by which anyone who claims to have rights to the Body of Man, organs, genes or anything related with the Human Body, including the corpse (Ashes to ashes, Nature to Nature). We also point out that all contracts or insinuations that anyone has any rights over the Spirit of Man, Thoughts, Energy, or anything else that is, through multidimensional Reality, directly related with Him/Her are terminated. No approval is given, consent, or any kind of permission for usurpation of Reality to anybody, and all such contracts Here and Now have ceased to be valid.
All other contracts, not explicitly mentioned herein, are terminated and void, and are reguated by laws, acts, rule books, regulations and other acts within the constitutional order of the REPUBLIC OF CROATIA-RH or any other order on the Earth, that is claiming to have rights over the Living Man.

  • The community also informs everyone that it will physically enter the possession of a part of the Earth that is found to be abandoned and not to be used because Man belongs to Earth, and The Earth belongs to Man, not to a fictitious person called an owner/proprietor enrolled in the Land Registry. The country always belonged to the one who is on it and who uses it. This is a Natural Law, bigger than any law passed by individuals or corporations. In this, we give guarantees under material, criminal and moral responsibility that we will use the land in the manners of a good and just master, and that we will be concerned with the Mother Earth by care and love. We also declare that we will not pollute the land, water and air, at least to a lesser extent than what is currently being done to the land and the environment…
  • The community takes the right to establish private court records/archives.

Parts from Proclamation (declaration, announcement, publication, promulgation) of
Freedom and Sovereignty of a Living Man

Many people have already take over responsibility and become Co-creators in this Community by clearly expressing their will to exit the imaginary legally-commercial system.
So the problem arises with the belongings because the belongings is linked to an account, (your first name in all capital letters) that is kept as the owner of the registered property. It is legalized, that is, alienable, and it is issued a pledge in the form of government bonds without your knowledge, because you are no longer the heir to that property, but the owner, which is an abusive commercial and legal title.
Therefore, all objects should be de-legalized and possibly archived in the register/archive of a Living Man. The same register that already exists for Living Man, then cars as movable property, should do the same for facilities and land.
Cars are checking out, and so should objects and lands.


There are more ideas for how to do this:

  • It may be possible to enter into a purchase or gift contract between the owner and the buyer (in this case, a living man) who, apart from his name, has neither OIB (SSN) nor residence. Such a contract that is not concluded between legal entities is as valid as any other contract signed consciously or with your own hand. You can sign this contract (recommended) with three witnesses who have a OIB (SSN), and a residence, and whose signatures will be certified by the notary, as opposed to the buyer’s signature. It is important to emphasize in the contract that the buyer (living man) does not buy the ownerdhip because he is not interested in any legal title but only buys the object / land. The contract also does not have to specify the purchase price as it can be a trade secret, but the buyer confirms with a special article that the buyer has fulfilled all the conditions they have agreed to!
  • The same thing is possible with a gift contract, or perhaps with a loan or credit where the lender or creditor is a Living Man.
  • Such a contract or a clean agreement is then submitted, together with the request for deletion, to the competent court where the alienated property is registered.
  • The buyer of the property / land will not ask for the entry in the land books, because everything if he requested such the court cannot satisfy his/her request, since he/she does not have an identity card and is not in legal circulation, but will ask for the signing up/notice of the existence of a purchase contract to be entered in the title deed. or any other legal document confirming the change in the data sheet (something like a note type or burden)
  • Given that the court is likely to issue a “wise” decision or completely ignore/deny the request, it would be good for the previous owner to file a request to remove his name from the ownership list, which will attach a copy of the contract clearly stating that he no longer owns the property in question he had already sold it to the Living Man. Nowhere in any law does it say that a property cannot be sold to someone who is not in legal circulation/traffic.
  • The contract does not need to be carried to the tax administration, since no legal transactions have been made, since no ownership rights have been purchased and there is no transfer thereof.
  • If the court rejects this request, which is very likely, it should appeal to the court and go to a higher instance court, which we can talk about later.
  • A Living Man, and it would be good that he did not represent himself as a buyer because this is a legal category, he should seek to print the property from the land register because it is now out of legal circulation/traffic, through some let’s call it “Demand for De-legalisation”.

All this paperwork brings some legal confusion to the line of the constitutional-legal bureaucracy because people in role of bureaucracy is not accustomed to having anything but legal and natural persons and will be amazed at every request you make. But get used to it.

After this paperwork, which is not so big, and for which we will make some sample copies, it is necessary to inform the City / Municipality about the new legal status of the object or land, remove the house number from the house and return it to the City / Municipality.

After that, it would be a good idea to completely remove the mailbox or remove it from the wall of the house and place it on a separate stand and write it in capital letters

“The Living Man such and such
For correspondence purposes only,
I do not accept any
legal/official documents “

Again, write clearly on the board:

An object is the belonging of a living man
and it is not allowed to enter to persons in
any official capacity,
but exclusively to living humans.

This can also be noted on the door of an apartment or office space while all other markings should be removed. On the plot just lay a board or something like that.
With such registration/archive, the property acquires extraterritorial status and it would not even be a bad idea to hang a white flag on the door or land entrance. Extraterritoriality arises from the deletion of property from the register (books) of the REPUBLIC OF CROATIA, which makes its jurisdiction disappear.
Entry of the property/real estate in the register of living people is possible only for those who have become Co-Creators Of The Community, ie who have declared themselves Living People. If you didn’t do it first, it’s priority. Those who are, but wish to enter the property in the register, should send the request to where they will be explained the procedure and when they will receive a QR code registering the property register of a Living Man.

Most important: This above is not legal advice. Every Living Man who wants to delegalize their property does everything at their own responsibility.
Warning: If you are not prepared to deal with the onslaught and pressure of money ever-hungry cities and municipalities and their associated utilities, (the state will not be mentioned) it may be better not to enter into these procedures. If you are, and are ready to live to the fullest in this game you have our full support in every sense.

Why would conscientious Man need laws?

“… You have correctly remarked that the laws are written by people,” Sensei said somehow seriously in reply to one of Eugene’s jokes. “I will tell you perhaps in this regards one ancient Chinese legend about adventures of the Conscience and you will understand that people are the same both at those times and now.

“This story took place in very ancient times. The Conscience was born in this world. She was born in the silence of the night when all living beings think. The river thinks shining in the moon light, the star-spangled sky thinks, the blade of grass thinks standing motionless in the night darkness. The chrysalis thinks with which pattern it should create a butter-fly. The plants think about their beautiful blossoms, the birds think about songs and the stars think about the future. That is why it is so quiet at night. In the daytime everything makes a noise and lives, while at night everything is silent and thinks. At such a quiet night, when every living being was thinking, the Conscience was born. She was beautiful. The light of distant stars was reflected in the depth of her big beautiful eyes. The moon light covered her face with its shine. Which the night wrapped up in its mysterious clouds.

“Once the Conscience went to people. She lived among them half well half bad. So she lived as a night bird. Since in the daylight nobody even wanted to talk to her. Whoever she comes to, everybody waves her away as if saying, ‘I have so many things to do, the work is in full swing, I don’t have time to talk to you!’ However at night she entered freely both rich and poor houses. She touched easily the sleeper and he woke up. Having seen her he asked, ‘What do you need, Conscience?’

“And she replied softly, ‘What have you done today?’

‘Me? Nothing special…’

‘Just recall it.’

‘Well… Perhaps only…’

“And when he was recalling, the Consciece went to another man. And the awaken man couldn’t fall asleep till the morning and went on thinking over what he has been doing in the daylight. And many things he didn’t want to hear in the daylight were echoed during the night silence. Thus the Conscience came to everybody untill all people began to suffer from insomnia.

“So people decided to ask for advice the wisest man of their province, Li Khan Tsu, whether he knew a remedy against insomnia. People called Li Khan Tsu as the wisest man because they thought that if he had more money than the others, more lands than the others, more houses than the others, so he should have infinite wisdom! But they didn’t know that the man they called as the ‘wisest’ suffered more than the others from this disease and didn’t know how to get rid of it. Since all people around him owed to him something. And these people were busy all their life with working off their debts to him. In this way wise Li Khan Tsu arranged his life. As a wise man he knew for example what he should do if one of the debtors stole something from him and was caught. Wise Li Khan Tsu beat him so heartily to teach the others not to do it again. In the daylight he did it in a very wise way because the others were afraid of him when they saw this punishment. But at night Li Khan Tsu feared himself for his life and for his fortune. And that is why at night he had completely different thoughts than in the daylight, ‘Why does a poor man steal? Because he has nothing to eat and he has not time to earn money for food. Since he works off his debt to me all his day long.’ Li Khan Tsu even argued with the Conscience justifying his deeds, ‘It means that I’m robbed and I’m wrong at the same time?!’ However though he justified himself he couldn’t fall asleep anyway. So once all these sleepless nights made Li Khan Tsu to declare despite all his wisdom, ‘I will give them back all their money, all their lands, all their houses!’

“But the relatives of wise Li Khan Tsu heard it and raised a terrible clamour and set up a howl shouting to people ‘It’s all these sleepless nights made the wise man mad! It’s Conscience, it’s all ‘her’ fault!’

“The richmen got frightened, ‘If the wisest man became mad, what will happen with us?’

“The poor people got frightened, ’We have lest of all, therefore we have less wisdom. If the wisest man gets mad what will happen with our minds?’

“The richmen saw the fear of the poor people and took council among themselves, ‘You see how the Conscience scared the poor people. We have to protect them from the Conscience and to get rid of her!’

And they began to think how to arrange this matter but couldn’t invent anything. So they decided to send ambassadors to the wisest in all China A Pu O who lived in Nankin at that time. He was so wise and smart that rulers from all China came to ask for his advice. So they sent ambassadors to him. They brought generous gifts to him, bowed low many times, stated their problem and asked to help to get rid of insomnia which is caused by the Conscience. A Pu O listened to them about this ‘national disaster’, smiled and said, ‘Well, it’s possible to do so that the Conscience will not have even the right to come to you! How can the uneducated man know what he should do and what not? Let’s invent the laws. We will write in rolls what a human should do and what not. Mandarins will study the laws by heart. And the others would ask them what they can do and what they can’t do. But first of course they should pay to them: mandarins should not stuff their minds with laws for nothing! So when the Conscience comes and asks the uneducated man ‘What have you done today?’ he would reply ‘I have done what I should do, what is written in rolls’. And everybody would sleep calmly.’

“All people were glad about this solution. And mandarins most of all. Since it’s much easier to delve into books signs than to cultivate the land. The others also were rejoiced over it. Since it was better for them to pay to a mandarin and to talk to him for a minute during the day than to talk heart-to heart with the Consience at night. So they started to write the laws what a human should do and what not. And they have written them, and appointed wise A Pu O as the highest mandarin for this valuable advice so that he would help to clever people to live peacefully without the Conscience.

“So people began to live according to the laws of mandarins and highest A Pu O. If they needed to do something or argue about something, they went to a mandarin and asked after they paid generously for his answer, ‘Unroll your scrolls. Who of us is right according to them?’

“Now only the poorest people suffered from insomnia since they didn’t have to pay to a mandarin for an advice. And the others used to say when the Conscience came to them at night, ‘Why do you bother me?! I acted according the laws! As it is written in the scrolls! It wasn’t my choice!’

“They turned away from her to another side and fell asleep.

“Even wisest Li Khan Tsu who suffered most of all from insomnia just chuckled when the Conscience visited him at night, ‘Hello, my dear! What will say now?’

“And the Conscience told him looking at him with her eyes, with sparkling stars in them, ‘Why, you wanted to give back your property to the poor but you don’t do it?’

“’Do I have a right for that?!’ Li Khan Tsu sneered at her. ‘What is written in the scrolls? The property of each man belongs to him and to his offsprings. How can I squander the property of others if my offsprings don’t agree with that? It means that I am a thief since I steal from them, or a mad man since I rob myself. But it is written in the law, A thief and a mad man should be chained up. So leave me in peace. Moreover I would advise you to go to the bed and not to idle about!’

“He turned with a back to her and fall asleep.

“So everywhere where the Conscience came she heard one and the same, ‘How can we know?! We do what the mandarins tell us. Go and ask them! We act according the law.’

“The Conscience went to the mandarins and asked them, ‘Why nobody wants to listen to me?’

“But they laughed in reply, ‘Why should people listen to you and act as you advise? We have the laws for that. It’s written everything here on the yellow paper! It’s a great thing! Not without reason A Pu O was appointed as the highest mandarin for inventing them.’

“So the Conscience went to the highest mandarin, the wisest in all China A Pu O. She touched him slightly. A Pu O

woke up, jumped up, saw the Conscience and shouted in his fright, ‘How dare you to show up in my house without permission? What is written in the law? The one who shows up in the night secretly in strange house, will be regarded as a thief and will be imprisoned!’

“’But I didn’t come to rob you!’ she replied. ‘I am Conscience!’

“’According to the law you are a lecherous woman! It’s stated there clearly, If a woman comes in the night to a strange man, she is regarded as a lecherous woman and will be imprisoned! It means that if you are not a thief, you are a debauchee!’

“‘How can I be a debauchee?!’ She was surprised. ‘I am Conscience!’

“But A Pu O was even more beside himself with rage, ‘Well, you mean you are not a debauchee nor a thief, you just don’t want to comply with the laws? There is also a law for this case, The one who doesn’t want to comply with the laws will be regarded as a lawless person and will be imprisoned. Hey, servants! Put this woman in the stocks and throw her in jail for ever as a debauchee suspected in theft and non-complying with the laws.’

Servants of A Pu O caught the Conscience, put her in the stocks and imprisoned. Since that time she doesn’t come to anybody and doesn’t bother anybody. So all people even forgot about her. Just seldom when a man who is dissatisfied with the mandarins cries out, ‘You have no conscience!’ they show him immediately a paper that the Conscience is imprisoned and reply to him, ‘Of cource, we have if we locked her up!’

“And a man falls silent, looks at the mandarin’s paper with full of ink characters and realizes that they are right indeed! So people live since that time without the Conscience according to the laws of mandarins and highest A Pu O. Whether they live good or bad, everybody decided for himself when the night falls and all living being begin to think.”

This very interesting ancient story is taken from the book Sensei IV and tells very nicely how and why the law came about. Indeed, does a conscientious man united with his soul need laws? A conscientious man does not need to be told by anyone what is good and what is bad, he knows and feels it himself. This code is embedded in the human soul and speaks to you from the inside out with a strange disturbing feeling that you are acting unjust and untrue without anyone having to tell you. Unfortunately for souls and conscience, moral is very bad for business and therefore such barriers for the flow of money and the spread of commercial awareness need to be put out of the way. Laws serve that!